Internship Information

Are you interested in an internship?

Here are some possible task that you would be doing....


-Shadow psychosocial groups /individual sessions (just watching).  BSW students will only do psychosocial groups. Students will not bill any payors or gain compensation for any of these sessions. 

-Co-facilitate and Facilitate psychosocial groups

-Document psychosocial groups that have been attended /witnessed

-Debrief from psychosocial groups /individual sessions that have been attended/witnessed

-Screening for new clients

-Search for resources for existing clients on shared drive, on the internet, and in the community (Case management)

-Send resources to clients via HIPAA compliant email or another platform.  (Case management)

-Document case management outcomes

-Update resources on shared drives

-Set up appointments for case management

-Discharge summaries

-Data plotting for quality improvement (Research application)

-Scoring Assessments (PHQ-9, GAD-7, MID-60, PTSD screenings)

-Computer programming (especially with TEAMs and Microsoft access ) -Information Technology

-Data Mining -Information Technology 

-Focus Groups 


-Proposal Writing